You are an ESL student. You are trying to learn a new language. You are trying to learn American English. There are many programs that can help you to improve your reading and writing. What about pronunciation?

AEASP, American English as a Second Pronunciation, is a free online learning program that can help ESL students and ESL teachers learn more about American English pronunciation.

Philosophy of AEASP

AEASP will help you to become an independent pronunciation learner by showing you how to study and how to think about American English pronunciation on your own. It would be best if you had your own personal pronunciation teacher. If you cannot have your own personal pronunciation teacher, then the next best thing is for you to teach yourself.

AEASP will introduce you to phonetics (How do we make letter sounds?) and prosody (How do we bring letter sounds together to make words and sentences that have meaning?). AEASP will also show you how to use the internet to practice and improve your pronunciation.

Learning Tools

On the right of every page of AEASP is a set of learning tools that you can use as you study American English phonetics and prosody. These learning tools will help you to build a picture in your mind (Conceptual) of the different parts of pronunciation.

Video Box

There is also a video box on the right hand side that you will use with many of your lessons.

Let's practice using the video box. Click play to meet Chris, your pronunciation coach.

Practice and Patience

If you want to improve your pronunciation then you will have to practice!!!! You must also be patient. All your life you have been pronouncing letters and words that are different from American English letters and words. Now you must learn new skills. This is not easy for adults, but it is possible! You just need to practice and to be patient.

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