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New Vocabulary Words

You will have to learn new vocabulary words as you study phonetics and prosody. AEASP will help. Each new vocabulary word will typed in blue. Click any blue word to go to the free online translator at Babylon.com.

Let's practice. Click on the link below and try using the translation tool from Babylon. (http://translation.babylon.com)

1 Select a "Language Pair" (English + Your Language).

2 Type or past the word "pronunciation" into text box on the left.

3 Click Translate.    

You might also try using the translation tool at Lingvosoft.com or your own favorite bilingual dictionary. Maybe you can find a free online dictionary that translates English words into your language. Open Google or your favorite search engine and search for "English translation".

If you want, you can click the link on the left for 'Vocabulary Words'. All of your new vocabulary words have been translated into 14 different languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portguguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.


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