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Okay, let's pretend. Let's pretend that you want to make an appointment to have your car's exhaust system repaired. Thursday morning is the best time for you to take your car to the mechanic. You will have to speak with someone by phone to make this appointment.

You: Hello, I would like to make an appointment to have my car repaired.

Mechanic: What is the problem?

You: My car is making a loud noise. I think there is a hole in one of the exhaust pipes.

Mechanic: When can you drop your car off and leave it for a few hours?

Thursday morning is best for me.

What kind of car is it?

It is a two thousand and four (2004) Nissan Altima.

Okay, I'll see you on Thursday.

Maybe you are worried about making this appointment because you must pronounce many American-English words that are new to you; words like exhaust, appointment, repaired, etc. What can you do to prepare for this conversation? How can you check the pronunciation of all of these words before making this appointment?

We suggest beginning with a good internet dictionary. A good internet dictionary:



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